Safety Rules / School Group Info

Our goal at The Detroit Transportation Corporation is to provide patrons with the safest and most efficient method of rail transportation available. The Detroit People Mover System operates on a daily basis in the Downtown Detroit Central Business District.

Patrons can be certain that they will receive a quality, safe and timely shuttle service when they follow the safety guidelines that have been developed to protect all patrons of the People Mover system.

Adherence to the following guidelines and safety rules will protect all patrons on the Detroit People Mover:

1. The Detroit People Mover is under surveillance at all times.

2. For your safety, please wait for trains behind the yellow line on the platform edge.

3. NO SMOKING on the trains or on the station platform areas.

4. NO eating of food or uncapped beverages are allowed on the train or platform areas.

5. Loitering around or on the system is prohibited.

6. Always walk with care and caution in all station platform areas. Do not run at any time.

7. All passengers on DPM elevators and escalators must adhere to safety practices and any listed procedures.

8. There shall be no running, jumping, or horseplay on the train, platform areas, elevators or escalators.

9. Children should be supervised by an adult at all times while in the stations, on the platforms and in the trains.

10. Any and all emergencies must be reported immediately on the system’s Emergency Phones or by dialing 313-963-0171 to reach the Control Center. Phones are in stations and vehicles. Please look for the red button

11. Any personal injuries incurred must be reported immediately to the Detroit People Mover’s Control Center. A system Transit Officer will assist any patron with these matters by simply requesting assistance on the Emergency Phone or by dialing 313-963-0171 to reach the Control Center.

12. Footwear shall be in good condition and laces tied prior to riding on the system escalator. No bare feet.

13. Any unusual occurrences observed should be reported to the Control Center by way of the Emergency Phones or by calling 313-963-0171 to reach the Control Center. Phones are located on the platform and inside People Mover vehicles.

14. Never leave your possessions, purses, baggage, or other items unattended on the train system.

15. No radios or transmitting devices are permitted on the rail system, with the exception of cell phones.

The Detroit People Mover prides itself on providing state-of-the-art rail services to its patrons. Compliance with the established safety rules for patrons will ensure your safety and the safety of others while riding the Detroit People Mover.