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Safety Rules for Riding During Youmacon


There is an annual tradition of “riding the DPM system” and many participants will be using the People Mover for access to the event. The following are safety rules established by Youmacon that participants are expected to follow while attending the event at the Renaissance and TCF Centers.

As is applicable to the Detroit People Mover System; the same safety rules apply below.

Please enjoy the event, but keep safety at the forefront of your mind.

  • Horseplay is dangerous. Just don’t do it. Posing is fine; however, dangerous or risky behavior is not permitted.
  • If it is illegal outside the convention, it is illegal inside the convention as well. Follow all local, state and national laws.
  • If you wish to hold a sign for attendees to respond to, it must be in a location that does not interfere with convention traffic or activities, and passers-by must not be disturbed if they choose not to respond to the sign. Signs must not request or promise money or lewd or disruptive conduct.
  • Neither attendees nor staff may post signs on the walls.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in convention space. Keep it in your rooms. Public drunkenness will not be tolerated.
  • Keep high traffic areas clear and do not sleep in any public space of the hotel or convention.
  • A government issued photo ID (state, province, other…) is required for entry into age-restricted events.
  • Only authorized vendors may sell commercial items in the convention hotel.
  • Do everyone a favor and shower every day. Soap and shampoo are required. Nobody likes stinky otaku. Getting enough food and sleep is also encouraged for a good con experience. Halloween candy and alcohol do not count as meals. There is a full food court within the Renaissance Center for your feeding needs.
  • Youmacon staff is generally busy running events and making sure the convention goes smoothly. If you are asked to do something within reason by a staff member, comply without argument.
  • No metal weapons, real firearms, or props loaded with high velocity projectiles are allowed. Realistic weapon props may be peace bonded at the discretion of security or Masquerade staff.
  • Props should be carried and posed with in a way that does not inconvenience or risk injury to other attendees.
  • Costumes must be tasteful and cover appropriate areas of the body. Shoes must be worn in public areas of the convention for your own safety.
  • What is illegal outside the convention is still illegal inside the convention.
  • Costumes entered into the competition are encouraged and preferred to be of Japanese origin. This includes anime, game, manga or other media such as sentai, music, J-rock, etc. Pokemon or other gijinka-type costumes based on fanart are permitted, but you must bring a reference photo, no exceptions. Korean media is also acceptable. The contest is also open to Western-inspired costumes. This includes Western cartoons and comic books. However, we retain the right to limit the number of costumes coming from non-Asian media to ~50% or fewer of the entrants and may waive it based on availability. No original character costumes or designs are permitted.


Together, we will make a difference. Thank you.