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DPM Changes Direction During Holiday Week, Dec. 23-26


  • Trains will travel counter-clockwise starting at 6:30AM December 23 for four days
  • Service will change for travelers only on Monday and Thursday
  • DPM has run clockwise for 11 years


DETROIT (December 19) // The Detroit Transportation Corporation (DTC) announced that the Detroit People Mover (DPM) will conduct operations testing by traveling in the opposite direction from December 23-26, 2019.  The People Mover is closed to the public on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Same ride, different route. DTC will collect data transmitted by the vehicles while on the loop. Entire service days are required to also monitor current wheel-to-rail profiles on the track. Customers’ station-to-station travel may be impacted during Monday and Thursday testing. Patrons commuting to work or attending events should adjust their time to include additional People Mover stops.


The change to a counter-clockwise People Mover route is a brief return to its original configuration which ran before the system’s first rail replacement in 2008.  The testing timeframe was selected to minimize disruption to travelers on a schedule.


Trains will return to the clockwise travel direction on Friday, December 27.