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Safe Riding Tips For Parents and Kids

As an elevated rail system focused on safe riding experiences, we hope you enjoy your visit each and every time you travel.

The Detroit Transportation Corporation has posted several tips for traveling on the Detroit People Mover with children. They can be found inside the stations and onboard each train.

The “Safety Bob’s ABC’s for Kids and Parents Riding on the Detroit People Mover” is also available as a PDF for download.

Here are some additional recommendations:

  • Special note to families: Let’s Stay Together.
  1. The People Mover is an automated system where movement is based upon communication between the trains.
  2. Holding the doors repeatedly can result in system-wide delays. Don’t push ahead while others in your group may move at a slower pace. Rather, wait for the next train and board together. Another train is coming, guaranteed.
  3. Should you be separated from your party, exit at the next station, communicate by cell phone or notify a DPM Transit Police Officer.
  4. Moms and Dads: fold up the strollers, as adults streaming out from the back of vehicles may not notice your child right away.